Illtupia Berlin
Illtupia is a collective which combines Early Music with contemporary art forms. Illtupia - portmanteau from [il'tur / אלתור] Hebrew 'improvisation' and [utopia] an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. Illtupia explores and experiments with the possibilities of its special constellation to find their own authentic way of expression which is based on historical sources. With integrating space, light and free and improvised elements, Illtupia creates moments where real interaction is possible between all participants, including the audience. In this way the collective goes back to the basic need of human beings: unfiltered communication and encounters.
Camilla Oebel, Tanz 
Edi Kotler, Barockvioline 
Majella Münz, Barockcello & Viola da Gamba 
Barbora Hulcová, Theorbe & Laute 
Axel Meier, Percussion & Audio
Johannes Schuchardt, Video
Copyright Illtupia 2023 
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Neustart Kultur und Groß Pankow
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Foto & Film: ©Johannes Schuchardt

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